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Can I wear contacts just for reading?

Is it OK if i wear contact lenses while reading? Is there any side effect on eyes by reading with contact lenses?
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  • Logan


    It seems that you have got myopia, which would inevitably add trouble to your daily life. Anyway, it is ok for you to wear contact lenses or reading something. And I recommend reading glasses or prescription glasses to you which could meet your reading needs. Or it can cause some side effects, such as eye strain, red eyes and decreased vision.
  • Warren


    Yeah, it will depend on your eye sight, that is to say, if you can see nothing without the glasses, including the contacts, then you can wear contacts just for reading. However, if your eye sight is good enough for reading when needed, I think you had better not wear contacts just from reading. As we all know, when we are reading, our eyes are close enough for looking clear. If you wear contacts, then your eyes are easily getting tired, this will make your sight get worse and worse. Besides, you know when you are reading books, your brain is totally focused on the reading and during the reading, and the muscle around your eyes will keep tense, namely, there are more possibilities that your eyes get the bloodshot. Of course, I think when you are reading with the contacts, you can see the green plants at distance so that you can offer some time just letting your loved eyes enjoy some rest. Hope my advice can help you.
  • bell


    Of course, you can wear contact lenses when you are reading. And it will make no difference with using glasses. But on the other hand, you should pay more attention to the cleaning of your contact lenses, for contact lenses can make your eyes infected easily. As we know that contact lenses are made from plastics, and they are installed directly into your eyes. And in this way, if you do not clean them carefully, it can just carry many allergies in your eyes. In the end, your eyes will get infection. It can be dangerous.
  • jordan davidson


    You could put on contact lenses whilst you are analyzing. And it'll make no difference with the use of glasses. But however, you need to pay greater interest to the cleansing of your touch lenses. Write My Essay UK