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How to get rid of a corneal abrasion?

Does anyone know the way to help me treat corneal abrasion? Any idea?
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  • Dylan duncan


    Well, generally speaking, corneal abrasion can be annoying to many people, for it can make your eyes feel itchy. Also, redness can occur too. But on the other hand, it is dangerous to have this situation, for it can lead to dry eyes and pink eyes. To treat it, you can use some cool tea bags under your eyes so that it can relieve your situation. Corneal abrasion is often caused by eye infection such as bacteria, viruses or environmental agents. So, wearing an eye patch will also be helpful, for it can protect your eyes from being infected. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.
  • andrew


    Usually the corneal abrasion will be healed by itself because of the mechanical principle in the body. When you have the scratch in the corneal, there is no worry for you because it will be healed quickly. You should drink water more and not smoke or drink alcohol. You'd better have the good rest for the eyes which will make the recovery quickly.
  • Robert ja


    Well, it seems that you have got corneal abrasion, which could be quite serious sometimes. And generally speaking, it could be divided into some types, which need different therapies. So, typically, you need to consult the doctor, try to get some antibiotic eye drops and try not to rub your eyes, try to keep clean use of your eyes, etc. In a word, you gotta be extremely careful of your eyes. If the situation is good, it would simply take several weeks.

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