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Arianna griffin


Can I wear contacts after scleral buckle?

Is it safe to wear contact lenses after scleral buckle? Any idea?
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  • Gabriella rupert


    Well, you should know that scleral buckle is one of the most unbearable surgeries in relation to the eyes, which seems to be quite terrible. So, generally speaking, if the situation is quite good, you can wear contact lenses ,but you should be extremely careful, because such disease is dangerous. Also, you need to examine your eyes on a regular basis and follow the instructions of the doctor if you want to wear them.
  • dale


    I don't think it is a good idea to wear contact lenses after scleral surgery. The scleral surgery is the most common way to treat retinal detachment. It is a method to closing breaks and flattening the retina. There are a few types of surgeries to treat retinal detachment. What surgery to take is depending on the cause, location and type of your retinal detachment. After the scleral surgery, you might have decreasing vision, increasing pain and redness. You may found your eyes swelling, and discharging more. Based on such a situation, it is really not a good idea to wear contact lenses. Although it is a way to help restore your sight, it brings risks too at the same time. You need to take good care of your operated eyes. Don't wear contact lenses and don't overuse them to avoid any complications happen. Hope you could get well soon.