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Can I wear contacts after vitrectomy?

Is it Ok to wear contact lenses after vitrectomy? Or is it bad for my eyes?
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  • elpropio


    Oh my god, you gotta be kidding me man. As you already know, vitrectomy is one of the most serious surgeries in relation to our eyes that we would not want to take. Because it is so serious that it would simply make it impossible to fully recover, thus , you should not wear contact lenses and should follow the doctor's advice and directions. Hope you take care of your vision.
  • Downeast


    Well, of course no. you are not supposed to wear contact lenses after the vitrectomy surgery. As we know that after the surgery, your eyes can be sensitive, and even they are very fragile. If you wear contact lenses, it can be irritants for your eyes, and then lead to some eye infection. In some cases, it can also lead to pink eyes, influencing the recovery of the surgery. So just do not wear contact lenses. Also, do not overuse your eyes, or it will cause eye strain too. And generally speaking, after the first week of the vitrectomy, you can wear the contact lenses, by dropping some eye drops to avoid eye infection and inflammation.
  • Robert Potter


    You'd better not wear contact lenses after vitrectomy in a short time. As far as I am concered, the purpose of vitrectmony is for the treatment for flashes or floaters. And vitrectomy may be indicated for severe hemorrhaage and substantially diminished visual acuity, especially if it persists longer than 3 months. So the best way is to take a good rest and avoid using any contact lenses, or your eyes may cause infection, then some other eye problems, such as pink eye and eye itching will occur.

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