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Is keratitis contagious?

One of my classmates got keratitis. Should i let her alone? Is keratitis contagious?
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  • everybody_cares


    Well, yes, keratitis is contagious. As we know that keratitis is a partial breakdown of the surface of the cornea. And according to some experts, it can be infectious. In other words, you should know that keratitis is the general term for anything which causes the surface of the cornea to breakdown. Dryness, infection and congenital defects of the cornea may occur, because of it. Of course, it can just get it from someone else, for it is contagious. In some cases, keratitis is usually painful, causes eye redness, and disturbs the vision. So you should follow what your ophthalmologist has told you, and in common eye drops can be helpful.
  • ebarnes1621


    Usually, keratitis is not contagious, you do not need warry about it. But bacterial keratitis is contagious, the family members or close friends are easy been infected. The virus can be spread from sharing personal items such as makeup, towel. The keratitis caused by an injury or rheumatic disease is not contagious.
  • walkendeath


    Well, it seems that you are anxious about whether your keratitis could be transmitted to other people. And here is the good news. As you can see, typically speaking, keratitis is not contagious because of its nature, but you still have to keep off the stuff the patient has touched. Of course there is not necessity of leaving your classmate alone, what you should do is care and support, and love.

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