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Aaron lewis


What should i do if i get a little bit of gasoline in my eye?

There are a little bit of gasoline in my eyes by accident. So what should i do right now. I feel terrible?
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  • claudiagonza82


    I sorry to hear that. If you don't feel eyes burning, you are fine. If you feel a little pain and there are a little blood shot in your eyes. Don't worry, it will last for a number of days and slightly itchy if not seriously. And this satiation will gone as times goes by. If you hurt really badly, you must see a doctor to get your eyes treated.
  • Joseph


    Firstly, you should calm down and mustn't rub your eyes with your hands. If you don't feel very uncomfortable, you can deal with it by yourself. Wash the eyes with a large amount of clean water. Then use several droplets of anti-inflammatory eye drops. But if the situation is serious, you should go to hospital for treatment.
  • walker


    When a little bit of gasoline get into your eyes by accident, opening your eyelids and using running water or 2 percent of sodium carbonate solution to wash your eyes carefully is the first step you should do. And then you should apply oculentum acidi borici to your eyes. Because when gasoline get into your eyes, your may shed tears and have a vague image. So it makes senses that you feel terrible. After doing these things above, you should go to see a doctor to check your eyes.
  • cocreative


    It is so dangerous for you to get the gasoline in the eyes which may avoid the fire. However, you should use the water to wash the eyes. After that, you may just let them release. In my opinion, you’d better go to the hospital to accept the professional wash for the eyes.