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Dylan duncan


Are tifosi sunglasses polarized? where are tifosi sunglasses made?

I am interested in tifosi sunglasses? Are they polarized? In what country are they manufactured?
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  • Kaylee


    Not all tifosi sunglasses are made with polarized function. But their coating part will help your eyes from the uv and other damaging lights from the strong sunlight.They are made in China. My friend just bought one five years ago and the real one is marked with "made in china".


    I am not familiar with tifosi sunglasses. But i know that tifos is mainly focus on some sports sunglasses like cycling. The tifos is best known in cycling circles because their sunglasses are praised by bike racers. But i am not sure that if all tifos sunglasses polarized. SO, you'd better ask their services when you choose. Here is their websites: Hope this help you.
  • Nathan


    Well, you should know that Tifosi sunglasses are polarized for protecting the users' eyes. They are made in china now. And also, it is a mid-range eyewear maker which can be used for the outdoor enthusiast, such as cycling, golf, tennis or some other sport. As we know that it is very important for them to have good vision. Because of quality of optics, comfort; and durability, tofosi sunglasses are very popular with many people. So if you want to have some outdoor sports, it will be suitable for you.
  • elite_couture


    Tifosi is the Italian word referring to a super-fan, an enthusiast, and that is exactly who we are and who we make our eyewear for. Their mission is to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities. They design test and torture our product to enhance your sport whether you're running a 5k, riding your first century or playing 18 holes on Sunday. So, It is made in Italy and especially designed for outdoor sports. I could only say, most of their sunglasses are polarized, while some are not.
  • Joe Earley


    Tifosi sunglasses are made in Taiwan.