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Ariana kirk


Improve vision with eye exercises? How can they help ?

I have found difficulty in seeing far away objects and to be able to read I have to position news papers at arm length. My eye glasses and contact lenses help me to see things clearly but I think life would be easier if my vision gets back to normal condition and I can get rid of my glasses and contacts. A friend told me that eyesight condition can be fixed by doing eye exercises. Do they really help? What kind of exercises are they ?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Doing some eye exercise regularly,such as, palming, shifting and swinging, and focusing on near and far objects, can help your vision a little over time.However, they can’t help you get rid of your eyeglass or contacts.
  • Marc


    Eye exercise can't help improve your eyesight and help it get back to normal condition. You can apply for lasik eye surgery to help correct your vision problems. But this works only if you are a good candidate for lasik eye surgery.
  • John clark


    Ask your eye doctor for appropriate suggestions. There is no scientific proof that eye exercise can help improve eyesight. So I think you must turn to other ways to help correct your vision problems. You can give up watching TV or playing computer games if you are addicted to it. You can form a good habit of using eyes if you don't care about your eye health in daily lives.