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Trinity hill


Is lasik treatment better or should i start doing eye exercises to reduce eyesight?

my eyesight is -2 and -4 thought of going for lasik but recently heard of eye exercises so wanted to know which is better
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  • 04/13/2012

    I think doing eye exercises is better than lasik eye surgery because there still exists the risk of doing the lasik eye surgery. It may have side effect after a long time.
  • gary


    Maybe lasik eye surgery will be better than eye exercises. There is no scientific proof can show that eye exercises can help improve our eyesight. But eye exercises can help maintain the health of our eyes. So I suggest you to consult your eye doctor first. You can apply for lasik eye surgery if you are a good candidate for it. Hope this helped!
  • Kelly eddy


    Eye exercise can't help improve your eyesight. You'd better apply for an eye surgery if you want to correct your vision problem. I can't tell you which one is better because they have different advantages and disadvantages. Eye exercise is free and easy to handle. They can help reduce eye fatigue and maintain the health of our eyes. lasik eye surgery are very expensive and there are some possible risks. But it can help correct your vision problem.
  • handxrxtied


    My friend had lasik treatment last year. She has perfect vision now. But she often blinks her eyes recently. I don't know why. She often applies artificial tears to lubricate her eyes. She said that her eyes are very dry after lasik treatment.
  • walker


    I think both of them are very good. Eye exercise can help relieve eye strain while lasik eye surgery can help correct vision problems. Eye exercise can't help improve your eyesight, so I think you'd better apply for lasik eye surgery to treat with your vision problem.

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