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Isabel cook


How should you wear reading glasses?

Why do some people wear their reading glasses on the end of their nose? Is this how you should wear reading glasses or should you wear them like regular prescription eye glasses?
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  • crazyuglycoyote


    Maybe they are multifocal glasses. This kind of glasses has couples of focal power on the lenses so the lenses are bigger than regular lenses. On the top of the lenses there is a pair of focal power which can help people to view the things in the distance clearly. While this pair of focal power is higher than our eyes so we can use them only when we put the glasses on the end of our nose.
  • 04/12/2012

    When you start to have problems focusing on the near objects like reading at a comfortable distance or squint and it gets worse over time, then reading glasses are necessary for you.
  • 04/13/2012

    Just depend on your reading needs. If you spend lomg time on reading, you may get full-sized lenses but you will find the distant objects blurry. If you look up from your reading frequently, you should wear your reading glasses on the end of their nose so that you can look over them at distant objects.
  • Melissa duncan


    I know why they often wear reading glasses on the end of their nose. It is because they can see the things in the distance clearly so they don't need reading glasses when they are view things in the distance. Then they allow the glasses to slide to the end of their nose sometimes.