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Jacqueline hall


Why is it suddenly going from ok to worse so quickly?

I am 44 and in 3 months My vision has gone from occasionally needing reading glasses? to not being able to go without my reading glasses.
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  • 04/13/2012

    You can go out to buy some crazy glue at arts and crafts store or grocery store.
  • Kristy


    Maybe you are suffering from presbyopia. presbyopia often happens among people who are older than 40 years old. But some people may get it in an earlier age. I suggest you to have your eyes checked regularly by your eye doctor from now on. And sometimes it can be a starting sign of some eye problems if our eyesight changes suddenly.
  • Benjamin


    Our eyesight changes slowly as we get older. If it changes suddenly one day, we should have our eyes checked immediately to see whether there is something wrong with our eyes. Dude, I suggest you to have your eyes checked ASAP.
  • Dawn C.


    Presbyopia often happens to people who is beyond 40 years old. You just said that you are 44 years old. So you may get presbyopia. Presbyopia is a kind of vision problem. If you can't see things in the nearby clearly, you can have your eyesight checked and get a prescription immediately. Maybe a pair of reading glasses can help you see things clearly at this time. But I just doubt that whether there is something wrong with your eyes, such as eye disease, because our eyesight won't change dramatically within 3 months unless there is some eye disease or trauma.

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