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What age do cataracts occur?

My friends told me that cataracts often occurs to older people. So, what age do cataracts often occur?
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  • Allison walker


    Cataracts can occur in any age but it is more common in older people because the lens of the eye gradually becomes tinted over time. But sometimes genetics can play a role in it and you can get cataract when you are born. My mother got it at the age of 48 and the procedure to remove them now is so advanced and there are few complications. So you don't need to worry about it if you get it unfortunately.
  • Jason lester


    In general, young people rarely suffer from cataracts. Of course, it does not mean that cataract definitely happen in the elderly. Not every elderly can have cataracts, or although the majority of elderly may have cataract, but not every one can develop to the situation which needs a surgery. This disease often occurs on the people who are more than 50 years old, but the diabetic patients may be earlier to have this disease.
  • Cassidy


    Cataracts are very common. This is when the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. Half of all people over the age of sixty develop cataracts. Eye injury is a possible cause. The most common cause is the sun's UV rays. A study showed that airplane pilots were at high risk for cataracts. It is possible that sunlight is not safe when you are high in the sky. Some diseases can also cause cataracts. Of course, old age can cause it. Parts of the eye become weak over time. 

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