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How to prevent eyes from burning when cutting onions?

Every time i cut onions, my eyes feel burning and tearing. My mom told me it is normal and burning eyes will gone after a while. Really? Does it really harmless? Or is there any good methods that i can do to prevent it?
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  • Christopher dale


    I think you can wear a pair of sunglasses to prevent eyes from burning when cutting onions. Or you can cut the onions the water and then cut them in the water. I have tried that, it works. But you must be careful not to cut your fingers. I often cut my fingers when I am cooking. It is hurt. and I also must solve many problems that bought by cooking such as you mentioned above how to prevent eyes from burning when cutting onions. But I think cooking is funny too. I can enjoy it.
  • Alissa


    The chemical particles evaporate in the air will irritate our eyes. But we prevent our eyes from burning when we cut onions. What you need to do is just put the unions in the refrigerator for few hours and then takes them out and cut into pieces. Usually the burning will gone after a while but it is hard to bear. You can apply some artificial tears to wash out the chemical articles in your eyes.

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