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Jocelyn griffin


How to relieve eye irritation from contacts?

I got eye irritation because of wearing my contact lenses for a long time. Is it serious damages? How can i help relieve my eyes right now? Please help!!
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  • Sonya


    Dear friend, you can put a piece of ice on your closed eyes to help relieve your irritated eyes after taking off your contacts. The coolness will make you feel much better and calm down the irritated eyes. And the cool water into your eyes will lubricate your eyeballs. Contacts can lead to serious damages to our eyes if we sleep in contacts or wearing them for a long time. So you'd better not wear contacts for such a long time next time. And you also need to rest your eyes for several minutes in each hour during your work.
  • Rebecca


    you need to take off the contact lenses immediately and let your eyes have a rest. Or you can use some eye drops to moisture your eyes. Hope this helpful.
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  • enriquejacob


    You can relieve eye irritation from contacts by applying some artificial tears for several times each day. Usually the doctor will tell us not to wear contacts for more than 8 hours each day. So we usually wear contacts for less than 8 hours. We also can't sleep in our contacts. I think you'd better take off your contacts until you totally get rid of your irritated eye.