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Sue Livingston


Why does my lower eyelid hurt when I blink?

When i blink my eyes, the lower eyelids feel hurt. Why? I check it, it is a little red and puffy. But there is nothing on it. Why? What cause the lower eyelids hurt? And how can i relieve it?
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  • Marissa


    You can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes first. Sometimes the hurt can be a sign of eye strain or tiredness. You may need to have a good rest at this moment. If you are a current computer user, you may suffer from this too. When we stare at the computer screens, we often forget to blink our eyes. And the long time of using computer will strain the muscles around our eyes and cause pains. You can put a piece of ice on your closed eyes and rest for a few minutes. This will help relieve your puffy eye.
  • Debbie


    Is there any bite by an insect? I was bite by an insect around my eyes. My eyes are red and swollen. I think the poison from the insect may lead to an infection if you scratch the skins around our eyes. You can apply some insect repellent on the spot but remember not to get it into your eyes. It can be caused by long time of using eyes. You just need to catch up enough sleep then the symptom will go away on their own soon.

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