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How do i get rid of red puffy eyes from crying?

I get a red puffy eyes from crying. I feel so upset. And the red and swelling eyes make me look even more upset. What can i do now to save my eyes? Any good idea?
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  • evrydyisystrdy


    You can get rid of your puffy eyes by apply a piece of ice on your closed eyes and rest for few hours. Usually red and puffy eyes from crying will go away on its own after many hours. You need to focus your attention on other things and ignore your red and puffy eyes for a moment and then go to sleep early and have a sound sleep finally you will find the symptoms totally disappear.
  • walking_poeticx


    It is easy to get rid of red puffy eyes from crying. You can place a piece of ice on your closed eyes. Or you can apply chilled cucumber slices on your closes eyes. If you don't have this, how about used tea bags? You can put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then apply on your closed eyes. The coolness can calm down the inflamed tissues and relieve your puffy eyes.