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Sue Livingston


How to clean my spy sunglasses?

I have a pair of spy sunglasses. This is the first pair sunglasses of mine. Any tips to clean it in a good way?
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  • Riley gary


    If you just want to clean it by yourself, you can use the clean water to wash the lenses. If there is the oil on the lense, you may use a little amount of abluent to get the oil splash away. Then use the clean cloth to dry it. In addition, you can also bring the sunglasses to the eyeglasses store to have the client do it for you.
  • John clark


    Well, to clean the spy sunglasses, you should follow some steps. For example, if the lens is merely dirty and not covered in abundant grease and grim, you can use a good quality linen or cotton cloth which will work wonders. Then, you can also use some resolution to clean it one more time. For the surface of the nose pad, you can also soak them for a couple of hours in warm water to loosen the residue. Then it will be easy to gently brush away the unwanted dirt with an old soft bristle brush or old toothbrush. Anyway, you should do the entire task in a gentle way so that you will not damage your sunglasses.
  • Theresa M


    Cleaning and preserve your sunglasses properly will keep it in good condition. There are several tips that you can refer to. 1. For most sunglasses, when you fold them together, go with the left side first, so that it will keep the frame in the original structure and avoid and deformation. 2. When you don't wear it, fold it together and put it into special box or bag with a piece of soft cloth covering it. Keep it away from sharp and hard object, and materials or electric. 3. When you are taking it off, use both of your hands to get the two legs, and take it off from the front. 4. When the sunglasses are dirty with dusts, grease, sweat or make-up, clean it with warm water and mild detergent. After cleaning, use a piece of soft cloth to absorb the water. Don't wipe it otherwise there will be trace on it. 5. Don't soak sunglasses in water for too long or expose it under sunshine for too long. 6. Due to the material of glasses, it is common that the frame deforms a little after a period of time. Go to the store and adjust it periodically.