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Can a sinus infection cause bruised eyes ?

i often suffer a sinus infection. I just wonder if a sinus infection can cause bruised eyes? Any idea?
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  • Jerry H.


    Yes, a sinus infection will affect eyes. You know the eyes and the nose are communicated with each other of the channel. The sinus infection is a kind of upper respiration system infection caused by virus and germs. However, your eyes bruised, the bruised will be related to eyes blood vessel congestion. It seems the virus has affected the blood vessels, so we suggest you go to doctor to check the details.
  • covenmasters


    No, the sinus infection will cause the bruised eyes. Although the nose, throat and eye nerves are interlinked, the sinus infection may cause the eyes immune system decline. That is to say, you'd better keep notice of using eyes when you have the sinus infection. However, the bruised eyes are often caused by the strong knock which belongs to the trauma.
  • Kristy


    Of course, it will not cause bruised eyes. In my opinion, there is nothing to do with your sinus infection. So you should find out the real reason to heal the bruised eyes. As all of us are not professional, going to see an eye doctor and having an eye test maybe a good choice.