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How to stop eye watering from cold?

I got a cold. But my eyes keep watering and i can't control it. Is there any way that help me stop my eyes from watering?
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  • gary


    The tear is secret every second, it has a function to lubricate the eyes and prevent dry eyes. The metabolic pathway of tear is canalis nosolacrimalis, it passes through eyes orbit to nasal cavities. The tears are passing away from it normally, but when you catch old, the canalis nosolacrimalis are blocked, so the tears run through the eyes. It is only a symptom of cold, you can have some pills to cure the cold, and the watering eyes symptom will go away follow it. Of course, to prevent the cold, actually is a good way to prevent the watering eyes with cold.
  • estranged_soul


    your eyes water because your ear, nose and throat are connected and when you get a cold your frontal sinuses(which are located in the middle of your forehead just above your eyes) are put under pressure, your eyes watering are caused by the irration and pressure from your frontal sinuses and your nose. One way might be to take an antihistamine medication. Several are available over the counter.
  • Alexandria taylor


    First and foremost, you have to wash your hands with warm water before treating your watery eyes. Because bacteria could easily spread from your hands into your eyes. And you need to chill the green tea bags in the ice box until they're cold. And you can place one tea bag over each eyelid for 20 minutes. As we all know, the tea has soothing healing properties and vitamin C, which could help bring down inflammation. Meanwhile, you should get eight or more hours of sleep during the night when your watery eyes are caused by a cold.
  • Collin Wallace


    Here is a way for you to stop your eyes from watering, hope it can work: You can take a used green tea bags in the refrigerator to cold them, then put it on your eyelid, but you need to make sure they are clean and free of bacteria, then rest comfortably for about 20 minutes. This is because the tea has vitamin C and it is said that Vitamin C helps bring down inflammation. This is helpful in most cases of watering eyes which were caused by allergies or a cold. but,if it doesn't work, I suggest you take additional Vitamin C and have a good rest , which means sleep for more than 8 hours a day. If the condition is becoming worse, you need to visit the doctor for medical advice then.