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Can i wear blue contacts with hazel eyes?

I have hazel eyes. Will blue contact lenses look good on me?
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  • Katie


    As for the hazel eyes, the blue and green color will be very suitable for you if your skin color is light. You know when you wearing contacts, the principle color of your eye will be covered. So it is no matter what color will adopt for you. As my personal opinion, the fashion loving needs the bright color contacts while the conservative people need the dark color contacts. What is your favorite and what image you want to impress to others? It depends on your own opinion.
  • Cathy


    The color series that hazel owns are darker than that of blue ones. Thus, in my own opinion, I don't think the blue contact lenses are suitable to you which will be strange because of the dark grounding color. You could have a try on the dark blue ones, black ones or the chocolate ones.
  • Jeff


    Yeah! A bold attempt! And it must be great. Hilary Clinton, the American so called IRON LADY, used contact lenses to change her eye colour from hazel to blue. Some medium say how beautiful the eyes are. The colour of eyes can improve your skin's color, eye's expression and even your character. With blue contact lens, your eye will looks bright and attractive, especially when you blink. Anyway, some kind of exotic. I like that.