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Jacqueline hall


Can food allergies cause swollen eyes?

I wonder if food allergies will cause swollen eyes? If so, what can i do to reduce the swollen eyes?
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  • Caleb


    Yeah, food allergies may cause the swollen eyes. The irritating stimulation from the food may cause the eye nerves to be in disorder. Even the blood circulation around the eyes will not work as normal. The swollen eyes will appear. You'd better eat something light and use the warm cloth to cover on eyes to release the symptom.
  • Matthew harris


    Yes, it can cause that. Swollen eyes from a food allergy are the result of histamine in the eye area. When the body fights off the proteins from the food product, the immune system produces IgE antibodies, which would case mast cells in the blood stream to produce histamine. It is a chemical that leads to inflammation and irritation in areas of the body made up soft tissue. The increased histamine causes more blood flow to the body, including the eyes, thus leading to swollen eyes. Hence, antihistamine eye drops can treat swollen eyes that are caused by food allergy. Because of antihistamine blocks the body's ability to produce histamine to reduce the welling and irritation.
  • arnold


    For some people, food allergy can cause swollen eyes, such as watery eyes, itchy eyes and swelling and the food allergies symptoms can develop up to 24 hours after the food has been consumed, the way to prevent swollen eyes from a food allergy is to identify and avoid eating the food which can cause swollen eyes and if you have already got the swollen eyes, you'd better go to a doctor and take some medicine.
  • george


    Yes, allergy disease will affect the whole body, the eyes are one of the parts, so it will also have some allergic symptom and that is common. The mechanism of allergy will lead to several eye disease such as allergic conjunctivitis, gum expression, nervous edema etc. The only way to prevent this kind of swollen is to avoid the contact with allergen. Some steroids eyes drop and other antiallergic as well as itching relieve medicine will be help. Boric acid solution washing will be good for your recovery. However, how to use these medicine and how much will be take, you need to ask for your doctor.

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