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How to relieve bruised eyes after rhinoplasty?

I just take a rhinoplasty, Now, i feel my eyes bruised. What should i do to relieve my bruised eyes?
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  • Nat


    As we know, the nerves in eyes, nose and throat are interlinked. After you take a rhinoplasty, your eyes don't feel well. You should take a good rest for your eyes. And go to see the doctor and have a check on the eyes. Maybe the eyes get allergic by the medicine you take during the surgery.
  • cupidityx


    It is said that bruising and swelling are a normal part of rhinoplasty recovery. During this time, you shall avoid certain medications and supplements because it will increases the risks of bleeding and bruising. Besides, you can place crushed ice in a glove and apply this to the eyes and forehead. And this usually spend 20 minutes every hour for 48-72 hrs.
  • coloradolicious


    It has minimal rate to occur bruising eyes after rhinoplasty. But it still have possibility to happen that. If you are in that case, you should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol and certain vitamins/herbal remedies prior to rhinoplasty surgery to prevent bruising eyes. At the same time, Arnica Montana has been shown in some studies to prevent bruising eyes if you take that before and after the surgery. Last but not least, you can apply cold compress that do help for the first 3 to 4 days and change to warm compress helps with the discoloration afterwards.

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