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How can i prevent an eye stroke?

One of my friend got an eye stroke. It is terrible. Is there any way i can do to prevent an eye stroke?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Yes, there's many things you can do to prevent the eye stroke. Prevent eyes fatigue, adjust the rays of screen to moderate when you watching TV or working on the computer. Keep light bright in your room when you use your eyes to watching some thing especially when you reading. Relax very 20 minutes when you continue to use your eyes for 5 minutes. Eyes massage is helpful to your fatigue eyes. Please keep calm when you watching football with long time eyes use. Moreover, supplements of vitamin A and B, carotene will help to nourishing your eyes muscle and blood vessels. Milk, eggs, fish and carrot, apple etc. will help you to protect your eyes.
  • hand_in_glove_


    To prevent eye stroke, you need to pay attention to following tips: First, you should prevent the hypertensive and atherosclerosis. In daily life, that is to say, you must notice relaxation. And try to do some physical training. Control the weight and adjust the habit of diet. Guarantee psychological balance and give up cigarettes and wines. If it is necessary, you'd better go to hospital for a detail check of blood pressure and blood fat. Second, people with diabetes mellitus, endocarditis, valvular disease, atrial fibrillation and hypothyroidism, etc should go to hospital asking doctor's advice about the level of blood sugar, electrocardiogram and thyroid function. In some cases, reduce blood glucose, anti-inflamed, anti-freezing, control heart rate and improve thyroid function are good choices to make, which can help prevent retinal arterial obstruction and eye strokes.

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