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Is it ok to wear my ripped contact lenses?

I find there is a scratch on my current contact lenses. I don't have eyeglasses and i need the contact lenses for vision aids. Is it OK for me to wear ripped contact lenses?
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  • Holly


    Many people tend to wear the contact lenses to help them see clearly instead of the eyeglasses when they are short sighted. However, once your contact lenses are ripped, you'd better throw it away and get the new ones. The ripped ones will make it hard for the eyes to breath the oxygen which may let eyes get infection.
  • Alexa


    If your contact lenses get scratches, you'd better not wear the contact lenses and take it off your eyes immediately. It will make your eyes in high risks if your wear ripped contact lenses. The scratches and rip on the lenses may torn your eyes or at least cause uncomfortable of your eyes. So, i strong recommend you to buy a new pair of contact lenses to replace your ripped contact lenses.
  • crazycowgirl89


    Of course not, and you do not do that, because the lens would hurt while the torn edges would scrap across the eye and lids to make your eyes red, watery and irritate. And if you persist the irritation that would turn into scratch on the eye and lids, to make the lids swell and the vision gets blurry, and the eyes become more painful finally. Without medical attention, the infected scratches become ulcers and if left unattended the ulcers may perforate the blurry cornea with loss of eye pressure. If the whole eye becomes infect, which have to be removed before the infections follow the optic nerve to the other eye.


    No, It will get infected causing the lashes to stick together from pus.
    Without medical attention the infected scratches become ulcers and if left unattended the ulcers may perforate the cloudy cornea with loss of eye pressure. If the whole eye becomes infected it must be removed before the infection follows the optic nerve.
  • Tera Bragg


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