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My eyeglass lenses got spots of polyurethane paint, how do I get them out?

I walked through an area (which, I should not have) where a guy was spraying Urethane paint. Some of the mist fell in my eyeglasses and I did not noticed until later that day. My eyeglasses are plastic. Is there a way to take the spots away without damaging too much the lenses.
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  • 04/14/2012

    Go to find some gas and a rag. Then soak the rag with some gas and wipe the lens quickly.Finally rinse with the water and dry off with a clean, soft cloth.
  • 04/12/2012

    If you want to keep your frames and only replace the lenses, the only place that you can replace new lenses is where you bought them originally. So if you only want to get new lenses ,just go back to the same place you got them, they will replace them for you.
  • emiliaenespanol


    Alcohol can work with paint. You can have a try. Dip a cotton ball into some alcohol and then dab the paint with the cotton ball and wipe the paint in a circular motion. You can repeat this for several times until you clean all the paint. Then you may need to rinse your glasses with cold water and clean them with a piece of clean cloth.


    If there is some coating on your lenses, you may remove the coating with the paint. You'd better consult an optician first. Last time I get a little paint on my lenses, I put my glasses in warm water and rinse them with cold water, later this paint just get off from my lenses. My lenses are always very greasy. Maybe there are some sweats on them. So the paint can't stick to the lenses. My mum always asks me to clean my glasses but I am too lazy. I have a kind of lense-cleaning-solution which was given by my optician. But I seldom use them.

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