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What can you do to get nail glue off of your glasses?

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  • Shavonda D


    If you want to get the nail glue off the glasses, you could use the soap-suds to get rid it. However, you should avoid leave the nail prints which will leave the scratches on the lenses. You'd better use some soap-suds with no strong acidity character which may cause your frames of the eyeglasses to be damaged.
  • Andrew bell


    Which kind of lenses do you have? Are they glass lenses or plastic lenses? If they are glass lenses, you can soak the lens with a little pad of acetone based nail polish remover. You can wipe them with a little pad of cotton. But you can't get this liquid on your frames unless they are metal. If they are plastic lenses, the glue may have chemically bonded with your lenses.
  • Tatiana


    If there isn't any coating on the surface of your lenses, you can use acetone to dissolve the glue without harm your lenses. Nail polish remover has a mixture of acetone and other ingredients which can help remove the glue. But you must rinse your glasses with water to make sure that there is no acetone remains on the lenses because the remains will hurt your eyes.
  • Sara


    You can take them to where you bought them. I often ask my optician to remove mild scratches or glue on my lenses. They will not charge me because I am one of his current customers. He treats me very well.
  • walgreensunder


    I have tried nail glue and removed them with acetone. My finger nails get warm and burn. Nail glue is so dangerous. It can also burn through certain types of material. I think you'd better make sure which kind of material your lenses belong to. Maybe acetone only works on glass lenses. I think they will damage plastic lenses.
  • Alexandria


    Sweetie, I suggest you to consult an optician first. If you can find the place where you bought your glasses from, you can take your glasses with you to ask an optician for help. Some substances will damage your lenses so don't use anything that recommended by a person who doesn't work with glasses. Good luck!