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What online site should i use to replace my eyeglass lenses?

I need to replace the lenses in an old pair of glasses but cannot afford to pay Lenscrafter/Pearl Vision prices. Has anyone used an online site to replace their eyeglass lenses before?
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  • 04/13/2012

    You are able to get a complete new pair of glasses from which cost you less than replacing the lenses of your old pair. They also have stylish and fashion glasses.


    I think online eyeglasses stores are not willing to handle this for you. You need to send your eyeglasses to them. You must pay for the shipping fees. After they replace the lenses for you, they will send you the glasses. You also need to pay the shipping fees. Though the lenses sold online are cheaper than that sold in any physical shops, the extra shipping fees are not cheap. So I suggest you to replace your lenses in a nearby eyeglasses store or buy a pair of new glasses online.
  • Aaron may


    Online eyeglasses stores will not replace the lenses for you. But most of them can offer you a pair of cheap glasses. If it is too expensive to replace the lenses, you can consider buying a pair of new glasses. Maybe your old glass frame is out of shape and you need to replace it too. Go and visit an optician first. Good luck!
  • hill


    Maybe lenscrafters or walmart can offer the lowest prices for this. If you still can't afford them, you may need to find a pair of free glasses online. Sometimes, we may come across some discounts or free glasses if we are very lucky. And the quality is the same with other glasses. Good luck!
  • Kevin lee


    Sweetie, you can have a try! If you bought those glasses from Firmoo, Firmoo can replace the lenses for you only if there are available lenses. I used to think that no online eyeglasses stores will handle this kind of things because it is very inconvenient and will cost customers extra shipping fees. But if you are willing to pay that shipping fees and think the price of the lenses are reasonable, you can have a try. I suggest you to contact the online customer service immediately. Hope this helped!
  • Zoe


    If you want to keep your frames and only replace the lenses, the only place that you can replace new lenses is where you bought them originally. So if you only want to get new lenses, just go back to the same place you got them, they will replace them for you.