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Brandon cook


Are there eye exercises good for eye health?

I recently got a stronger prescription (I am nearsighted about 2030) I want to go back to my older prescription or possible wear no glasses at all. I am doing eye exercises (vision therapy) for 90 days and I am promised that my prescription should diminish significantly. First of all, in order to have any progress, I am wearing my old prescription which is fine. Has anyone had any progress in these "eye exercises." On the contrary, the exercises do not work to strengthen the eye, but enables you to see the world differently.
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  • 04/14/2012

    Eye exercises won’t help improve your vision,it is just used for relieving your eye strain.So wear your glasses in case your eyesight gets worse and worse.
  • Thomas keith


    Eyeglasses and eye exercise can't help improve our eyesight. Eye exercise can relieve eye fatigue and relax the strained muscles around our eyes. As to eyeglasses, they can help correct our vision problems but our eyesight hasn't changed after we take off them.
  • Alexia gerard


    How do you know your prescription has diminished? I suggest you not to wear old prescription glasses. But you can persist on doing eye exercise. Some people said that eye exercise can't help improve our vision but actually they can do a little help to our eyes. At least they can help reduce eye fatigue. You may get some small signs which show that there is some improvement in your eyesight. Many people stop doing eye exercise after they find some improvement. While their eyesight return to where it was.
  • walker626


    It is impossible to return back to older prescription or wear no glass at all. Dude, let's face this. Nowadays, we can't get rid of computers or TV. Some people are even addicted to computer games. My baby sis often watches TV for a whole day at home rather than go out with her friends. Now she has very bad eyesight. She told me that she wanted to cure her vision problem by lasik eye surgery. Yes, lasik eye surgery can help cure some vision problems. But she will damage her eyes if she still spend a lot of time on playing computer games or watching TV. So I think the best way is to form a good habit of using eyes and protect our eyes in our daily lives.
  • William clive


    Since you have been doing eye exercise for about 90 days, have you get some good result? If there are some signs of improvement in your eyesight, you can persist on doing it for another 90 days. I think eye exercise is good for our eyes. They can relive eye fatigue after we use our eyes for a long time. It can increase the blood circulation around our eyes. We can improve our eye health by keep a balanced diet too. I also heard that there are some herbal medicines that are good for our eyes. You can have a try too. Good luck!