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Joseph campbell


How long have you worn glasses for?

Were you devistated about doing so, or do you have glasses but dont wear them at all?
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  • 04/14/2012

    I have worn glasses for many years.At the beginning I didn’t wear very often, only when whating TV or using computer.When I go to the optician to check the eyesight and be told getting even worse.They advise me to wear them all the time to prevent eyesight going down.Now I wear them all the time and I’ve been used to them.
  • ctc_youth


    I have wear prescription eyeglasses for nearsightedness 8 years, But i am not always wear them. I just wear them while attend a lecture, meeting, or work. And i enjoy leisure time, i don't to wear it.
  • claire_lew


    I have worn prescription glasses about half a year. I have mild myopia. So, i not wear them all the time. I just wear them while i watching TV or play computer games. And i think have a pair of prescription is very convenient. I can wear it while i need.
  • copelynrose


    Usually I wear glasses when I am working. I have to work in front of a computer for at least 8 hours per day. So I definitely need a pair of computer glasses to protect my eyes from harmful computer reflections and glare. I have mild myopia. But actually there is no harm if I wear my glasses for a whole day. Only contacts will have some limitations for wearer to follow. Usually doctors will suggest people to wear contacts for less than 8 hours one day. If you often wear contacts for a whole day, you may at higher risk to suffer from dry eyes.
  • Chelsey


    Now I need to wear glasses for a whole day, because I can't see things clearly. I can't even figure out which bus is coming thought it is at a near distance. I have to wear my glasses when I mange something or go outside. But if you can manage something without a pair of glasses, you don't need to wear them for a whole day.
  • David cook


    It depends. If you don't need a pair of glasses when you are watching TV or playing in the outside, you don't need to wear them. When I was at college, I seldom wore glasses because I often sitted in the first row or the second row, I could see the things in the blackboard clearly. There was no need to wear a pair of glasses. But now I need to wear glasses every time I am sitting in front of a computer. I think they can help protect my eyes.