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One of the little plastic nose-protector things on my glasses is breaking.

Are they easily replaceable or do I have to buy new frames?
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  • castlemedic


    I think you may mean the nose pad is breaking. You can replace them. Just take your glasses to any optical shops and look for a pair of nose pad that can fit your glasses. The optician will be willing to help you. Good luck!
  • cajunbel29


    They are replaceable. Some nose pads are easy to be replaced. But some of them are not. You may need some tools to tease out them and put them back because there are screws on them. Some online optical shops will give away a pair of extra nose pad and screwdriver for free. You can replace them by yourself.
  • Robert Johnson


    You can find eyeglass kits in many eyeglasses stores. If there are screws on your nose pads, you may need a mini screwdriver and a pair of nose pad. You can have a look at your local Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens to find them. I think you don't have to replace the frame unless you have more damage to it. Hope this helped!

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