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Can i play baseball with glasses?

I have a very poor vision and my prescription eyeglasses always company with me. Can i wear my eyeglasses when i play baseball?
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  • Paige evelyn


    Wow! Play baseball, which is really a strenuous and challenge sport for average people. Yes, you can wear eyeglasses, if not, how would you find your opponents? But I strongly suggest you to wear the contacts when you enjoy your time, as the contacts soft and flexible, it will be not so easy to drop and broken when you struggle against your enemy. Take care of your eyes; make sure no one pouch your eyes when you play.
  • Jackson raphael


    Yes, you can. You are short sighted who needs the eyeglasses to help you see the things clearly. However, you'd better take notice of your eyes which should not been heated by the flying balls. And you may say that you can wear the contact lenses which will be convenient. But the result of being heated is more serious. I think you'd better wear eyeglasses to see things clearly.
  • Cameron giles


    Yep, you can wear glasses when you are playing baseball. Firstly, you should wear properly fitted, prescription goggles with a 3-mm polycarbonate lens when you are on the field. Prescription sports goggles can reduce 90% risk of eye injury. And attach a prescription face mask to your helmet when you are at bat. But it is quite dangerous if you do that. Each year, sports cause more than 40,000 eye injuries. Baseball and basketball make up the majority of these cases. Therefore, I strongly recommend you do not wear glasses if it is not necessary. In your case, you can follow the above steps to wear glasses.
  • Melanie gerard


    Actually, a lot of athletes wear glasses or such kinds of visual aids when they are on the court. Basically, it does not affect their performance and it seems that there are no primary side effects. Some football stars wear them too, in an effort to increase their vision. However , there are some tips to be followed. You should not have intensive body contact with your rivals, in case that your glasses might be broken. That is the main concern indeed. OF course wear when playing baseball , just be careful, ok?