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What glasses does lebron james wear?

I find it is cool when lebron james wears eyeglasses. Can you tell me what style of the eyeglasses that lebron james wears? Where can i find it?
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  • Caitlin owen


    I just search it online. the eyeglasses he wearing is just a common pair of nerd eyeglasses, or black frames eyeglasses. You can find such eyeglasses almost in every eyeglasses shop. I have also saw some similar eyeglasses at some online shops such as,, as well as I believe you can find it quickly online. Good luck!
  • Brooke peters


    Ok,I can see that you are quite interested in James and the type of glasses he wears off the court. So, as a matter of fact, his type of glasses is just called black glasses, but his type is a little bit large in size. You could see a lot of them at nearly every optical store, but if you pursue more types of better prices, I recommend Walmart to you, over their online store, you might have more options.