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Michelle leonard


Why are polarized sunglasses more expensive?

I wonder why polarized sunglasses are more expensive than regular sunglasses? What are their advantages?
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  • Zoe may


    In recent years, more and more people choose polarized sunglasses. Undoubtedly, polarized sunglasses are worthy of your choice, because of their outstanding advantages. polarized sunglasses compared with ordinary sunglasses, they have a number of advantages. For example, they can block the glare by refracting light. Therefore, they have a wide range of applications. Especially for people who often do outdoor activities are likely to choose polarized sunglasses. In short, they can help you to eliminate unnecessary trouble in the outdoors.
  • dale


    First, you should know what Polarized sunglasses are. According to mangy the experts and designers, polarized sunglasses are a type of sunglasses which are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass. They can be used for sports, driving, and fishing by helping the participant in these activities to see more clearly, protecting the users from potential hazards. As we know that they are somewhat more expensive than conventional sunglasses, but there are still some consumers who would like to prefer polarized sunglasses because they trust the Polarized sunglasses which can selectively block out glare, rather than making the whole field of vision dimmer. So that people can avoid the dangerous situation.
  • cahekm_12b


    Polarized sunglasses can cut off all UV light. But normal sunglasses can not. Besides, polarized sunglasses also have the function of protecting you eyes from glare, reflected light on the pavement, phosphorescence. So, polarized sunglasses have the function which normal sunglasses do not embrace. They are the best choice for drivers and people often fishing. So, do you think they should be more expensive than other normal glasses now?

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