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What are good ways to prevent snow blindness?

Can you tell me some good ways to prevent snow blindness? Does anyone experience snow blindness?
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  • Sherri H


    People with snow blindness will feel burns eyes, pain and visual impairment when they stay in snow especially in sunny days. This is caused by the UV rays reflected off the snow combine with those light directly from the sun. For them, they should prepare a pair of proper snow goggles to help him fight against snow blindness and see better in snow.
  • emo_pain_818


    Snow blindness means the intense UV rays are indirectly reflected on the snow combine with those directly from the sun to burn the cornea, which causes pain and visual impairment. However, people have to do activities during the winter, including snowy days. Hence, some effective ways should be used to prevent the risk of getting snow blindness. First and foremost, you had better purchase correct sunglasses or goggles to prevent UV rays into your eyes that could decrease the possibility of hurting by the snow. Or you could rub soot or charcoal under the eyes due to the black part would attract sunlight. It can divert the sunlight far away from your eyes. Additionally, you have to view in front of your way instead of watching the snow on the ground, and you had better wear or take colorful objects. It can distract the eyes' attention to the snow to product the eyes.
  • Faith cook


    The good way to prevent snow blindness is to wear snow safety goggles. The goggles must be able to block ultraviolet and infrared at the same time. You could also wear sun-protective glasses which should use the polycarbonate or CR39 lens or frog mirror of all cover grey glasses.