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Jason warren


Can using computer affect my eye if I have pink eye?

I got pink eyes and stay at home. I want to use computer. Does that affect my pink eyes?
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  • emmie18


    The using of computer will make your pink eyes much worse. If you have pink eyes, the light and strain of using a computer will make your eyes appear redder. You shall try some eyes drops that particularly use for red eyes. You shall avoid using computer if possible for the sake of your eye health. Besides, you need to see doctor if you want to recover from red eyes quickly.
  • Sally


    If you have pink eyes, you should have a good rest, use computer as little as possible and use eyedrops at the regular time. If you use computer too often, it will of course affect your pink eyes by the computer radiation. And the touching hands with keyboard may affect the hygiene of using eyes.

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