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What sunglasses does drake often wear?

Have you seen the sunglasses that drake wears? What is his favorite sunglasses style. Where can i get similar one?
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  • Angela


    I suppose the sunglasses that he wears are ray ban sunglasses. Drake often wears super dark sunglasses in the public, which make him look very cool. if you want to share that chic look, you can grace your eyes with a pair of ray ban sunglasses. if you do not want to spend much money, you can find many cool looking sunglasses that are similar to the one he wears. Just google it.
  • John Rodriguez


    As far as i could know, The sunglasses Drake often wear is a pair of deep black sunglasses. It is very cool and classic. And such black sunglasses is very common right now. If you want to get such black sunglasses way, you can search it online. And i have saw a similar pair at Hope this will help you.

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