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Why do i get very sore eyes the morning after drinking?

Last night , I took a lots of drink. Now, i wake up with sore eyes. What caused that? Why?
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  • Brittany green


    This problem is caused by the intraocular pressure increased after drinking. The high pressure presses the peripheral nerves then formed pain. You can use your fingers to do some massage. The method is: put your middle finger and ring finger on the eyebrows, move your fingers slowly to the temporal. But do not be rude, otherwise it may cause fine lines easily. What is more, drink less as far as possible and eat some dynamic living liver, egg yolk, milk and other food which contain vitamin A.
  • Jacqueline hall


    It must be caused by the dilation of blood vessels by the wine. At the same time, the stimulation of wine causes the conjunctivities. What you should do is of course not to drink too much. Getting rid of the irritants, you should keep on using eyedrops. Thus, your symptom will decline.
  • Melanie


    For the reason of your sore eyes, I can say that there is something to do with your drinking. As we know that after we drink too much, it will increase the intraocular pressure which can get your nerves more pressure. Then they will do some pain to your head and your eyes. Even make your eyes become sore eyes. So you should not drink too much alcohol for your health and for your sore eyes. To treat it, you can put some ice on your eyes, and eat some food which can relieve you from the alcohol. If it still has sore eyes, you'd better console it with the doctor and find some more effective way to treat it.