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What to do to stop eye from twitching while sleeping?

My eyes keep twitching, which make me hard to fall asleep. Can you tell me how to stop the eye twitching?
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  • Luke oliver


    I know there are two ways that may help you stop eyes from twitching. Try to close your eyes as tight as possible. By doing this, it can help squeeze them as much as you can and then open your eyes as wide as you can suddenly. Besides, you can also try to blink your eyes for a half a minute. Try to do that quickly. the blink of your eyes can make your eye muscle relax and lubricates and cleanses the eyeballs.
  • walkentall


    The symptom of eyes' twitching while sleeping belongs to the epilepsy. If you have this situation only a few times, you should have a good observation. If not, you should go to the doctor to have a check. Then, the doctor will base on your actual situation to give you the right treatment.