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What colored contacts would look good on asians?

Will black colored contact lenses look good on Asians? Can you give me an idea? What colored contact lenses would look good on Asian?
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  • Shelby


    In my own opinion, the chocolate colored contact lenses may let the Asians look attractive. It is the classic color which will be mysterious and fashionable. Or the dark blue ones are suitable for the Asians which will make the eyes look big and attractive. Besides these two colors, there are other good colored contact lenses that are suitable for the Asians. You can base on your color of skin to choose.
  • Cameron


    You know as an Asia ethnic people, we have yellow colored skin with brown or black eyes. That is the most suitable match from the God above. That color will bring you natural feeling when you wear the contacts. However, if your skin has a little lighter color such as light yellow or near white, you would try more color on your eyes. The light colors contacts would match such kind of skin. The most favorite colors of me will be blue, purple and green. What is your preference? Go ahead to choose one same colored contacts for yourself if your skin color is not so dark.