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How can i know if i have photophobia?

I am not terrified of light, but i am sensitive to sunlight and feel difficult to open my eyes. Is that a sign of photophobia. How can i know if i really have photophobia?
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  • Jose joyce


    Well, according to your description, I can say that you may have got the photophobia. As we know that photophobia is eye discomfort in bright light and your situation is just like it. So you should pay more attention to this kind of disease. While we can also say that Photophobia is a fairly common symptom. For many people, photophobia is not due to any disease. Severe photophobia may occur with eye problems and can cause severe eye pain even in relatively low light. There are many causes which can make you get the photophobia, such as burns to the eyes or corneal abrasion and even some medicines can also lead to it. Anyway, if you have got this kind of eye disease, you'd better go and see an eye doctor as soon as possible. I think he can give you the good advice.
  • Sue Livingston


    Perhaps, it is a sign of photophobia. However, it can't be sure only with these simple description. The results above of generation, probably because your eyes do not adapt the changes in a short time. But it can be also the reason what you say, which is caused by photophobia. Normally, suggest you go to a hospital and have a check or diagnose. Under the direction of a doctor, you can use eye drops on time. Besides, if you stick to do it, you can eliminate the symptoms immediately.
  • creationfest


    Your symptom of being sensitive to sunlight and feeling difficult to open your eyes makes you more possible to get the photophobia. Have you been bitten by a dog these years? You'd better go to see the doctor and have a check. The photophobia should be treated as soon as possible. Or else, it may affect your daily life.

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