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Alexia gerard


Why do people wear sunglasses when they have a hangover?

One of my friend always wear sunglasses when he have a hangover. I just can't understand what makes him to do that?. Will it make him feel better?
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  • creatingme


    It is reasonable to wear sunglasses after hangover. Hangover robs people's bad time People fells uncomfortable after hangover, so as people's eyes. Swelling and blood streaks may happen. Therefore, people would like to wear sunglasses after hangover to cover their tire-looking eyes. Additionally, eyes may be more sensitive to light after hangover, so wearing sunglasses do make people fell better sometimes.
  • EDWIN Caster


    Hi, this friend of you do have several reasons for wearing sunglasses after a hangover. After a hangover, if you need to work tomorrow, you will find it hard to get up, because you feel tired and lazy, which is a insufficient rest signal your body sends out. But you have to get up, so insufficient rest will leave dark pouches and tired and dull eyes on your face, which can be covered up by a pair of sunglasses if you don't want your boss or friends to see. One more reason is that when people are tired, the eyes can easily get tired under strong light, so sunglasses will help that too.
  • Jonathan


    The reason that most people tend to wear the sunglasses when they have the hangover is that they want to hide their not beautiful eyes after the big drinking. As we know, the alcohol containing the irritating stimulation may cause the eye blood increase a lot which will indirectly make the eyes look red. After wearing the sunglasses, they will still look cool.