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Are over the counter reading glasses safe to wear ?

Is there anyone who wear over the counter reading glasses? Are they safe to wear? What are the difference between over the counter reading glasses and common reading glasses?
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  • Michelle percy


    If your both eyes have the same prescription and the prescription belongs to the integer, the counter reading eyeglasses may be suitable for you. And the price is relatively cheap than those common reading eyeglasses. If not, you'd better have the eye exam by the optician and have the common reading eyeglasses which will distinguish the both eyes' prescription.
  • Jordan Brown


    Yes, It will be safe as long as you choose the right over counter reading glasses. In fact, Over counter reading glasses don't have any different from prescription reading glasses. The only major differences is that over counter reading glasses aren't customized to wear's eyes. They are made already for sell. But it won't hurt your eyes only if you choose the right pair.

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