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Is it normal that glasses pads hurt my nose?

I bought a pair of eyeglasses two weeks ago. But the glasses nose pads hurt my nose. I adjusted them twice till now but still hurts. Any idea? Is it normal that glasses pads hurt my nose? what should i do?
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  • walkersrarest


    Usually you will need more time to adapt to wearing the new pair of eyeglasses. If the glasses pads hurt your nose, you'd better take notice of its material to see whether your nose skin is sensitive to it. Usually the glasses pad can be changed from the eyeglasses store. If they still hurt your nose after the adapted time, you should consider to change the material of them. Usually the plastic ones will be comfortable.
  • Kimberly quick


    It is not rare, because I have also had the similar experience. Glasses pads really can hurt your nose, if they are not right for you. As you said that, you can go to the optician to adjust them. However, it is still no use. If so, you should consider the quality of your eyeglasses rather than solve the problem on the surface. So, I suggest you should choose the normal eyes store or go on the online. Believe that you can benefit a lot and never be troubled by unnecessary problems.