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How can i get perfume out of my eye?

There are perfume splash into my eyes by accident. It is painful. IS there any way to get perfume out of my eyes. Help. Your answer will be appreciated.
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  • 23


    yes it pains a lot i got it my eye today and i was crying
  • enycelilbabii


    Almost every type of perfume contains a little amount of essence which may absolutely make your eyes feel painful when splashing into your eyes.You can just use the clean water to wash your eyes directly until your eyes feel better. However you could also use some soap with medium ingredients to wash the eyes, which could wash the eyes clearly and quickly.
  • everetthol


    Well, I am sorry to hear that. So, based on your description of the accident, what you should do is to use salty water to clean your eyes, because tap water contains some bacteia which will not help you a lot, and salty water serve to protect your eyes. Typically, it wll be ok with your eyes. But if the situation do not turn out right, and your eyes are still painful, I suggest that you go to an eye hospital for help.
  • Ariana kirk


    If there is only a little of perfume splashed into your eyes, please clam down and hold your eye open with one hand and pour water over your eye with the other hand, try to flush your eyes with water, and you can use a small measuring cup to pour the water into your eyes, and if there is a lot of perfume splashed into your eyes, you have to go to a doctor as soon as possible, because it's very easy to get an eye infection.