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Why do many people wear blue tinted glasses?

I find many of people around me prefer to wear blue tinted glasses? Why? What benefits can we get from blue tinted glasses?
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  • Ariana oliver


    Each color of lens is suited for specific situations. You will notice that many of the color properties overlap with each other. Whether they are performance, therapeutic, or fashion tints, each color causes a person to perceive their surroundings differently. People who wear blue tinted glasses maybe just for fashion purpose. However, blue colored lenses are also being researched as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of epilepsy. Studies have been conducted with both cross polarized lenses (the axes of polarization are perpendicular), parallel polarization (axes of polarization are the same), and without polarization. Epileptic seizures have been reduced in some patients with the varieties of blue lenses, while other patients have experienced no relief with this therapy.
  • garcia


    Many people think that different color glasses only have different adornment effects. In fact, tinted lenses with different color also have different functions. For example, dark green tinted glasses can make our eyes feel comfortable for more green light can penetrate through dark green tinted lenses. Blue tinted lenses can filtrate much light blue color, so we could choose blue tinted glasses when we are on the seaside. Brown tinted glasses are suitable for drivers in that they can stop light reflected by smooth surfaces. Besides, dark glasses can absorb much more visible light than light color glasses.
  • David Safir


    Well, nowadays, we can find a lot of new things emerging around us, on everybody around us. Indeed, blue tinted glasses are newly invented stuff, it might look strange at first sight, but now, they are becoming more and more popular. As to te benefts, well, they do give people benefits, and that is the reason why people choose to wear them. The main function is to better protect the eyes and prevent some harmful light, thus promote people's vision. If you are intereted, you may get further information through wiki.
  • Jordan


    As we know,the sunglasses and polarized eyeglasses may have the role of protecting eyes from the uv or the strong lights. However, the tinted glasses have the similar function as the sunglasses. And the blue tinted glasses are the most popular choice for most people because people will feel comfortable when seeing outside.