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How much is an eye exam at stanton optical?

Do you know how much is an eye exam at stanton optical? i just want to get an exam there. How much will i be charge?
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  • Elijah leslie


    I have skimmed through the website of stanton optical. It says that you can get a free eye exam at stanton optical. At Stanton Optical, their independent doctors of optometry who are very experienced will help ensure the health of your eyes for a lifetime. And all your needs will be met with professional, individualized, and genuine care. But before you go to take an eye test, you need to fill some contact information into the form which is on the line to book the time for eye examination. If you want to know more about stanton optical, you can research
  • Ana evelyn


    I never go stanton optical for eye exam and eyeglasses. And i just search it online and find that they signs that " Buy 1 get 1 free plus free exam" on their sites. It seems that you can get free eye exam there if you buy eyeglasses from them. Besides, you can get two pairs of eyeglasses if you buy a pair from them. It sounds great. Maybe you can have a try.