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What are good home remedies for aging eyes?

I suffer aging eyes. Pleases, can you tell me some good home remedies to treat it?
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  • dale


    As for aging eyes, you may suffer many eye problems such as presbyopia, glaucoma, cataract and so on. Besides you are more accessible to eye infections. There are some natural preventions and home remedies for aging eyes below. Firstly, make sure you have enough sleep, because enough sleep is probably the best home remedy for aging eyes and enough sleep will lessen dark circles. Secondly, use some hot bags of green tea to refresh your tired eyes, which is quite beneficial and helpful to aging eyes and eye infections. Thirdly, do some eye exercises regularly when you feel tired or after long time use of eyes. Fourthly, eating more vegetables to supplement vitamins, which will be good for aging eyes.
  • Tyler


    As we age, skin around the eyes begins to develop wrinkles and some dark circle, that is aging eyes. First, healthy diet and proper cleansing of the eyes are extremely important. Second, you can make a mixture of tomato juice or lemon juice along with few drops of honey can apply them around the skin of the eyes or under the eyes, which can reduce the sagginess or puffiness of the eyes. Third, some drops of almond or olive oil could also be useful under the eyes, just try them. Fourth, you can also use potatoes, cucumbers or cool tea bags on your eye area. Try these and they really help!
  • Sonya


    Wrinkles may be the most commonly seen symptom of aging eyes, visual deterioration is in the secondary place. Other symptom like cataract, glaucoma also always occurred when people get aging eyes. You need to make your meals healthier when you realized you have aging eyes. Eat more food with collagen, vitamin E, such as fish and peanut, etc. Or you can take pills as supplement. Make sure you have at least 7 hours for sleep. Massage your eyes with essential oil can be helpful as well. Vitamin A and D can enhance your eyesight, so you'd better intake more food with these vitamins. Cod liver oil can be helpful as well.

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