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How do people with glasses wear sunglasses?

I have nearsighted and always wearing prescription eyeglasses for clear vision. That always trouble when i want to wear sunglasses. The sunglasses in the market can't provide me vision aids thought they can shield my eyes from sunshine. So, Can you guys tell me How do people with glasses wear sunglasses?
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  • walkercounty


    It depends on the degree of your eyes. First, sunglass clip is one choice for you. The advantage is simple and direct and cheap. Meanwhile, it can be taken down and only wear the short-sighted glasses. The disadvantage is lack of style and color. Second, you can choose coloring myopia sunglasses. Though it is convenient, you should know that it is not suitable to wear at indoor. So you need to wear another myopia lens. Third, you also can choose photochromic lenses. It will change the color with the sun lights and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. But the price is expensive. Forth, you naturally can wear contact lens with sunglasses. If you choose this, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the contact lens. However, people who have the glaucoma, neuroretinitis, color blindness, night blindness had better not wear sunglasses.
  • Caitlin owen


    The transition eyeglasses could help you to solve your problem. transition glasses are a kind of glasses could block different amounts of UV lights based on the level of UV lights. That is to say, the lenses would become different degree of darkness follow by the degree of UV lights. At the same time, it also contain prescription lenses to improve eyesight, inlcuding mypoia lenses. In a word, you could wear transition glasses without switch from one pair of prescritpion lenses to another pair of sunglasses.
  • williams


    Don not worries! You have three choices. Firstly, it is that you can buy prescription sunglasses which will help you keep clear with shielding your eyes from sunshine. Secondly, in the sunshine, you can choose a kind of tinted lenses which will be favor of decreasing the harsh light. Finally, you maybe put contact lenses into your eyes before wearing sunglasses. Firmoo which has many different prescription sunglasses is a good choice. It provides various kinds of glassed productions. If you want to have them, you can research the web site:
  • Caroline hill


    I have tried a number of useful solutions for wearers of eyeglasses who want dark sunglasses: Prescription lenses made of dark plastic or glass. This is useful when you need one prescription for indoor reading and close work, a second prescription for outdoor activity, and an extra pair of dark glasses for the outdoor activity in bright sun. This also leaves an alternative if the dark glasses break or are lost while the wearer is engaged in vigorous activity. Photo-gray lenses that react to bright light by darkening. These are extremely convenient, but the darkness of the lenses may or may not be sufficient for comfort in the brightest light, and they do not appear as dark as some styles. Clip-on dark lenses that attach to the user's clear glasses. The traditional clip was very unfashionable, but new styles like these magnetic glasses are less obtrusive. The magnet attaches to a counterpart magnet on the glasses' hinge.