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In what country maui jim sunglasses manufactured?

I want to buy a pair of maui jim sunglasses. Before i buy it, i want to know more about it so as not to be cheated by fake maui jim sunglasses. Do you know what country maui jim sunglasses manufactured?
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  • Logan


    The maui jim sunglasses are considered as the best polarized sunglasses in the world. The production is made in Peoria, Illinois, which means that the brand is printed in "made in US". Compared with Cucci and other big brands, the price of it should be higher than them. When you buy them, you should check from the printed mark, manual work and the details to judge the truth.
  • walkingnreverse


    Maui jim sunglasses comes from a beautiful island with blue sky and white beach, Hawaii, a state of United States. Since 1980, Maui jim has developed from a small glasses company to a high-level sunglass manufacturer around the world. The more popular you are, the more fakes are made. If you really wanna genuine one and fair price, there is only one way, log in its official website and select on line. You see, so many hot and fashion styles, can you hold on?!

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