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Kyle kirk


Can bungee jumping make you blind?

Is it very dangerous to play bungee jumping? I have mild myopia. Can i go bungee jumping? Is it possible to lead to blindness?
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  • Gabriel leonard


    Bungee jumping is one of extreme sports which intimidate some people leave far away from it, at least I'm one of them. When it comes to play bungee jumping, few people will say it's very safe included bungee jumping fans. If you have no any basic eye problems or inherit eye disorders, I think it's okay except some accidents happen during your playing time. Well, if you are myopia, the best thing to do is purchase a pair of sports eyeglasses under the guidance of a doctor or sport specialists. Plus, when you play bungee jumping, your body is stand upside down which is easy to cause encephalemia. So if you decide to seek excited, I think you'd better make sure whether you have any diseases or basic diseases or not. At least eye problems just one potential dangerous. However, I think there are high technology that exists in modern society. This dangerous can be handled by skilled specialists.You'll not be blind. Good luck and enjoy yourself.
  • evelyn


    Yes, it is very possible for people with severe myopia. Because when bungee jumping, people would fall down with accelerated speed of 9.8meters per second. It is easy to make people with serious myopia to have amotio retinae and encephalemia for most of the time the jumper is head-down gestured. It is an exciting sports which is not suitable for people with brain or heart problem. In your case, your myopia is mild. It should be OK. Meanwhile you should also check your disease history, is there any problem with your heart or brain to make ensure you are OK with this stimulative sports. Anyhow, I dare not to jump it. The best of luck!

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